Series Mania: The nostalgic epic of Videoland

NOTE: This article was originally published in French and had been translated to English using Google Translate. Click the image above to be take to the original article.

Travel back in time with Videoland, an Australian series that takes us back to the 90s through the eyes of Hayley, a teenager in search of sexual identity, all in a video store like no other, here is the nugget that we have for you discovered on

Videoland immerses us in the retro atmosphere of the 90s, a time when video clubs were places of meeting and cinematic discoveries. Through the character of Hayley, a teenager who works in a video store, the series explores questions related to sexual identity and the search for queer role models in films of the time. In a context where visual references are rare, Hayley must navigate between the ideals of cinema and her own reality, seeking to find her place in a world that sometimes seems devoid of reference points.

At the heart of Videoland, the video club becomes the scene of Hayley's intimate questions. Between the film shelves and meetings with customers, the teenager confronts her own doubts and the expectations of those around her and in particular of her best friend who is sometimes a little too intrusive. The short format of the episodes, lasting approximately 8 minutes, offers a quick but intense immersion into Hayley's world, captivating the viewer from the first minutes. With humor and sensitivity, the series addresses universal themes such as self-acceptance, friendship and the first stirrings of love, while offering a nostalgic dive into the 90s. 

Supported by a talented cast, including Emmanuelle MATTANA, Chi NGUYEN, Tahlee FEREDAY, Toby BLOME and Jessica SMITH, Videoland offers vibrant and authentic performances. Each character brings their touch of truth to the story, helping to create a rich and nuanced picture of daily life in a video store in the 90s. The interactions between the different protagonists add a human dimension to the series, allowing the viewer to become attached to the characters and share their emotions throughout the adventure.

Videoland promises to transport us to a bygone era, while tackling contemporary themes with finesse and sensitivity. Between nostalgia and exploration of identity, this Australian series stands out as a gem not to be missed during the Séries Mania festival, offering an immersive and emotional experience to spectators looking for new television discoveries.

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NOTE: This article was originally published in French and had been translated to English using Google Translate. Click the image above to be take to the original article.

Let's end this emphasis on the Comedy competition by taking a flight to Australia, nationality of the short series Videoland - which breathes a sweet scent of nostalgia by plunging us back to the end of the 90s in order to follow the emancipatory quest of a teenager at the crossroads. A little concentrate of happiness, concocted by showrunner Jessica Smith, who knows how to take advantage of her temporal and geographical roots to offer ultra-referenced but also ultra-cute pop entertainment.

During the four episodes (out of eight*) screened to the public of Séries Mania, this humorous pastille focuses on Hayley's journey within the walls of the video club in which she works, located in Melbourne. A protagonist taking advantage of her position to watch VHS tapes in search of a queer model, she who does not know how to accept her sexuality. Multiplying the viewings in order to find a lesbian example worthy of the name on screen, the young girl must deal with her emotional tumult, which has repercussions on her job. Indeed, when Jennifer's angelic face appears among the customers, her heart rate suddenly accelerates, making her lose all her composure.

Taking the form of a closed session, this love at first sight at Videoland manages to charm its audience with disconcerting ease, the alliance of inspired writing and a so nineties vibe allowing Jessica Smith to deal with this story of transition to adulthood with finesse. Little by little sowing the seeds of an LGBT romance not lacking in heart or humor, the screenwriter hits the nail on the head because we enjoy following the trajectory of Hayley (played by the endearing Emmanuelle Mattana), sharing herself between somewhat awkward attempts to get closer to the girl of her dreams and willingness to take responsibility. All in a retro atmosphere where references to films from the 80s/90s are legion, which is an undeniable asset.


*Pikelet Note: There are six episodes of Videoland in the first season